Photo Encounters
Photography by Amber Maitrejean
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  • Almond Blossoms. 1890, Vincent van Gogh. GIF by Amber Maitrejean

    Almond Blossoms was made to celebrate the birth of Vincent’s nephew and namesake, son of his brother Theo and sister-in-law Jo.

    "How glad I was when the news came… I should have greatly preferred him to call the boy after Father, of whom I have been thinking so much these days, instead of after me; but seeing it has now been done, I started right away to make a picture for him, to hang in their bedroom, big branches of white almond blossom against a blue sky."

    Flowering trees were special to Van Gogh. They represented awakening and hope. He enjoyed them aesthetically and found joy in painting flowering trees.

    I added the butterfly to represent the human soul and beauty…and to always remember to find joy in the little things.